Monday, August 22, 2011

It’s a Lovely Monday

So apart from the busy morning getting everyone off to school and work, all is good right now and I’m happy.

My girls came home for lunch and they like it already in their new school.  That’s always a good thing isn’t it? Sometimes i wonder to myself if we’re doing the right thing by moving every so often.  It seems a lot to ask of the girls to have them readjust and adapt to the places we go to, but they seem to do it so well.  I’m convinced that our children are stronger than we sometimes give them credit for.


Well Renee starts 7th grade and Tanysha will be in 2nd.  And as for Joshua, he’s asked for a nanny instead of heading out to school.  my husband is on board with that.  I don’t think he wants him to be at a school right now.  Maybe because it’s not a playschool/child minding thing, it’s real school – so we’ll be home together for another year.

the other thing that makes today lovely is because my air shipment is being delivered – hooray.  I can’t remember what exactly we packed but we’re just happy to receive some of our things to make home a little more comfortable for ourselves.

I hope your Monday is lovely too!

multitudesonmondaysbutton2-1 continuing to count my gifts……..

thankful for:

# 12 - 20

12.  happy girls who like their school

13.  sunny but cool weekends

14. paint colors, that I can put on my walls

15. washing machines, dryers, dishwashers – what would we do without them i wonder!

16. coffee mornings and meeting more people

17. colorful flowers blooming in our neighborhood

18. mozzarella cheese and home made pizza’s

19. finding familiar foods in the grocery shops.

20. children playing together and hearing them laugh out loud.


Mari said...

Glad your kids are doing well. This is probably something that will serve them well as adults - learning to get to know new people!
Enjoy that shipment!

Jewel said...

Good for your girls! They are learning a lot in the transitions, I'm sure. Glad you have Joshua home for one more year!

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Long and beautiful list of gifts ;)
And you're right, I think your children will be stronger...

Francesca said...

I'm sure all this is somewhat difficult for your girls, but also exciting and enriching for life - what a wonderful opportunity!

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