About me

Hi there, thanks for stopping by.
since you're here i'll tell you a couple of things aout myself. 

* I'm a thirty-something mother to 3 - Renee, Tanysha and Joshua.
* I'm originally from Papua New Guinea (and that's not in Africa!)
* I went to a boarding school in Australia, and loved it.
* I love traveling, meeting people and learning different cultures.
* i drink too much coffee
* I'm not a very good cook - but I try
* family is everything to me
* i love to read
* i don't like to stay in one place too long so being a trailing spouse suits me!

This blog is my 2nd one because this is a new adventure.  My old blog - Sea, Sand and Shells didn't seem appropriate for this new "landlocked" location.

Thanks for visiting.

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