Tuesday, August 16, 2011

it’s the last week


so this is it…..the last week of summer holidays. It really hasn’t been much of a holiday though.  well we did spend 2 weeks in Australia but even that felt like a working vacation.

The girls start at their new school next week. I think they’ve just about met everyone who’ll be going to the school. that’s not too hard considering that there’s a total of only 55 kids.  it’s a small number so I’ll be watching my girls closely to see how they adapt, especially after coming from a school with almost 1000 kids.

anyway we’ve been out and about some more and are slowing getting familiar with the community.

I really do like my neighbors, they’ve been so helpful and I’m really grateful for it.  last week my neighbors in the house next door to me brought over some cookies and we got talking.  She shared that this is her 18th year living as an expat and that at every location it’s not always been easy. but with each year she shared that her approach to her international assignments changed and now she goes with an open mind and always with the mindset -

“it’s not what can I get from this place but rather what can I give back.


it got me thinking…….and I’m still thinking about it, what if we approached everything like that?

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