Tuesday, September 20, 2011


we went out again today, our group of photography enthusiasts! This time we headed out to a small village not too far, but within 10 minutes of our arrival we were unceremoniously asked to leave – yep we were kicked out!

So I was only able to get these pictures:


Apparently this was some kind of memorial. I think the red star say’s a lot.

So then after being kicked out we decided to head back to a part of the town called Old Germany (apparently there used to be a German POW camp there) and took pictures of this guy instead, Vladimir Lenin.


The story behind the statue – apparently it was constructed for a competition but the Kazakh did not win.  When they brought it back they were going to put it in the main part of the city but then when Kazakhstan became an Independent country they decided to put it out of the way…..this is what I was told today.

After only a month here there is a lot of Russian/Kazakh history that I need to, or want to learn actually.  It helps to know a little about the country that we’re living in!

Hope you had a pleasant day!

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Mari said...

Great pictures! I can't believe they kicked you out though!

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