Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday’s Fave Five - #2

FFF swirly

It’s Friday! 

I hope you’ve had a great week and are ready for the weekend and a new month.  Fave Five is hosted by Susanne over at Living to tell the Story.

here’s my five for the week, in no particular order:

1. trying a new recipe.  I’ll admit it I don’t enjoy cooking and I do it to feed my family. But it was exciting  for me to try something new this week and that my family actually enjoyed it.

2. new languages.  thanks to my kids I get to hear and learn some Kazakh and Russian words.  I actually start my Russian classes on Monday.  I’m looking forward to it.  It should definitely make getting around easier.

3.  Finding a nanny for Joshua.  Thankfully I was able to find a nanny for Joshua.  Only to mind him for a couple of hours a day while I run to the grocery shop etc. I have a good  vibe from her and I really do hope it works out.  Big plus – Joshua likes her and is excited when she comes.

4. visiting the quilters by chance and now I’m looking forward to joining them.

5. Getting more comfortable and settled in our new home, community and environment.

What were your favorites this week?


ellen b said...

I'm 100% Russian and my Russian is lousy. I was a very poor student plus I really wasn't gifted with good language skills. I hope you do better with your Russian. I'm glad you are getting settled and that your Josh likes his nanny...

Susanne said...

Sounds like an exciting new adventure for you and your family!

Sure is a bonus when the family likes something new that one has cooked. Maybe you could share the recipe? I'm always looking for new ideas.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

It's good you're getting settled. I know it takes me a while to feel comfortable in a new place - but it's exciting, too. It seems like things are all falling into place. I hope you enjoy your Russian classes!

Hazel said...

It must be fun to learn a new language. My Thai is terrible and I've been here more than a decade. But my shopping Thai is good enough :) Cooking? I don't mind it as long as someone cleans up after me, lol! Glad you enjoyed trying something new this week.

Francesca said...

couldn't leave a comment on your most recent post - I'm so glad you have opportunities and events to get to know your new community there before winter comes!

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