Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday’s Fave Five # 3

FFF fall flowers

Wow, what a week! It’s been busy around here and I’m thankful the weekend is here.  Well it is that time of the week, the time to look back and be thankful for all things big and small.  Thanks Susanne for hosting this.

1.  the weather.  last week was cold, overcast and windy. this weeks been really nice. It’s cold in the mornings but as the day goes on it gets really nice.  They keep telling me to enjoy it because it’s going to get mighty cold around here.


2.  Kazakh art.  I went to an art show/exhibition on Monday and I am glad I did.  The pieces were gorgeous and the colors so beautiful. I’ll be getting some things later which I’m excited about.  (sorry no photo’s allowed!)

3.  Russian classes.  I had my first lesson on Monday and my 2nd one on Wednesday.  I’m enjoyed the class and I’m actually excited to learn the language.  I did not know that Russian is the 3rd most popular language (after Chinese and English) to learn today.  I get 80 hours of classes and I’m going to make the most of it.  I want to be able to move around with the local people.

4.  community.  I can’t believe how helpful the people in my new neighborhood have been to me and my daughter, Tanysha.  Tanysha has always suffered from eczema and last Sunday she scratched so much that she opened her skin.  I had no idea how dry and harsh the air/wind is here, but my neighbors have offered us all sorts of ointments, creams, bath washes etc, it's been really nice.  Tanysha’s skin is now doing so much better.

5. Kayaking with the middle schoolers. My daughter, Renee volunteered me to help her and a couple of her class mates to go out on the river.  I was surprised. At her age it’s not always cool to have mummy there so it was a nice surprise.  We had a good time.

IMG_0097 IMG_0152 IMG_0157

I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend.

Hugs from Kazakhstan!


Susan@FruitfulWords said...

My daughter has eczema too. At times the weather, stress and diet have all caused her to suffer from severe eruptions. So glad your daughter's skin is doing better.

I'll pray that 80 hours of language classes are sufficient for you to communicate easily. I don't know anything about Russian. Hopefully it isn't as hard as I imagine to learn.

Awesome that you are "cool enough" to hang with middle schoolers.

Jerralea said...

I'm a fellow eczema sufferer. So glad your daughter has found relief.

Learning Russian seems a daunting task! It's good that you seem enthusiastic. I'm sure you will learn lots.

Mari said...

I'm glad you are settling in and especially thankful that you have such great neighbors!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

How neat that you're learning Russian!

I'll bet it was chilly out on that river. But so neat that your daughter wanted you there.

Enjoy -- stay warm! Love hearing your reports.

Susanne said...

Great neighbors are always such a blessing. Glad you've got some that are making you feel welcome and that are being helpful.

The kayaking looks fun.

I had no idea Russian was the third most popular language to learn.

Barbara H. said...

I didn't know Russian was so popular! Hope you have great success learning it.

How neat the folks around you have been so kind and generous.

How neat that your daughter wanted you to go kayaking with the class.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are adjusting to living in K. Hopefully, you'll get lots of opportunities to speak Russian.

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