Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the red didn’t quite work

so tomorrow I’m having the kitchen repainted. 


At certain hours of the day it looks great while at others it’s kind of irritating.  I tried going a darker shade but my husband is not too keen on going darker. So we are back to square one!

‘the right colors are silent music; the wrong colors irritate and disturb.  Louis Cheskin

Happy Tuesday!


Mari said...

What a bummer to have to do it again. I'm anxious to see what color you choose next time!

Francesca said...

I see what you mean.
My favorite wall in our house is coral red (one wall only, the rest of the room is white). A friend has one plum wall in her kitchen, and it looks great. However, some colors and some rooms, you can only know what they'll look like after the job is done ... fortunately, it's only paint, and you can start all over again!

cate said...

i vote for the coral red as well. i had an apartment painted that color, and it never got annoying. when other people would come in, they would always ask what the name of the paint was and go paint their place the same color. and? it makes everything and everyone look rosy and beautiful!

dorteinmalaga said...

oh, what a shame. on the photo the color looks quite nice, but i guess it depends on how the light is and so on.

Kristin said...

This red kitchen is wonderful!

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