Friday, November 30, 2012

that was fun……

well November 2012 was here and tomorrow it’ll be gone. shelved away into the memory bank of our hearts and minds forever.



I tried to share with you everyday what I was thankful for but unfortunately I wasn’t very consistent.  But even though I didn’t put it on my blog I found myself making that conscious effort to find something to be grateful for.

And surprise, surprise there was always something. 

some days I found myself being thankful for the simple and trivial – like the crunch in a piece of toast, or how I looked good in a particular color.  And other days it would be those things that would make my heart sing and my eyes fill with tears.  Like when my kids thank me for their afternoon homemade snacks and tell me they taste good or when my husband gets a hold of my hand and just holds it, that gentle reassurance  that everything is good.

It’s been a month of fun, and tomorrow we’ll be moving right along in the holiday season because it will be December. 

I’m looking forward to that.

tonight I went along to champagne tasting at a friends house.  It was a lot of fun, with a lot of glasses and good company. 



a nice way to start the weekend.

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