Monday, November 19, 2012

monochrome Monday & day’s 17, 18 & 19


thankful for that Monday morning cup of coffee. 

some days, like today I need an extra shot to get me going.

I had a wonderful weekend.  A busy one and maybe I partied a little too hard but it was for a friend who celebrated her 40th birthday!

This week is thanksgiving and so in continuing my month of thankfulness………….

day 17 – thankful for good company with wonderful people.

day 18 – inspired that my American friends are willing to learn the game of cricket – even if they feel a little awkward!

day 19 – grateful that I just booked our trip to Amsterdam and getting excited to catch a train into Germany for a white Christmas. 

So thankful.


Ale said...

whoaa! You're going to Amsterdam!? Let me know if you need any tips :)

Kari said...

yes please Ale! looks like we'll be there for New Years eve. any tips would be great!!

Francesca said...

are you going to Amsterdam by train? that sounds like a very interesting trip!

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