Friday, December 21, 2012

when things don’t go as planned………………………..

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you pick your self up, count your losses and keep on going.

Well that’s what’s happened to us.  visa applications have always made me nervous and this time my fears became a reality. 

You just never know what the outcome will be.  Unfortunately our applications were rejected so we won’t be making our trip to Germany or Amsterdam  this time around.  we were really looking forward to trying to ski but I guess that’ll have to just wait.

Anyway so we’re still in London, and we’ll be here for a few more days.  We’ve made the most of our days being tourists.  There’s no snow but we’ll make sure to still  enjoy ourselves. 

It’s going to be Christmas in London!

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laura said...

Hey, we were in London for Xmas, too! But I avoided Hamley's - I've experienced that kind of crazy once in my life and I don't need to do it again!

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