Monday, December 10, 2012

monochrome Monday



it’s  monday morning and I feel like I haven’t recovered from the weekend yet! 

We were busy.

But I’m thankful for the beginning of this week.  it means the kids have 3 days left at school, my hubby will be done after 4 and then we’re out of here for 18 days. 

I’m looking forward to some r & r,  it’s time to get out of here.

we’ll be heading to  Amsterdam, London and then back to Amsterdam to hop on a train to make stops at Cologne, Munich, Salzburg and Vienna. 

I know it’s going to be a white Christmas.  I’m feeling excited to try out some skiing. 

we haven’t had any snow here yet.  which is weird cause last year the snow came so early. 

Anyway it’s cold here today and my body is telling me to stay in and stay warm but as usual there’s things to do!!

Happy Monday friends…….

1 comment:

Mari said...

Beautiful photo! Enjoy your trip - sounds fun!

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