Saturday, September 8, 2012

I did it!


Today I participated in my first ever triathlon!  Even though I feel like that’s an accomplishment in itself, I think I’m more proud of the fact that I swam the Ural River.  Yes, the river that I’ve heard so many horrible things about – I got in and swam, and yes I even had a few gulps…. but  I’m sure I’ll live!

I had fun and I finished the race. That was important to me.

it’s the first one that they’ve organized here and it was done well.  I was happy to be a part of it!


getting ready to swim,  my daughter was a little worried – of course she’s heard of the river stories too!!


apparently I had a slow ‘transition’ – who knew it was all about transitions.


bike ride -


All done! – JJ who was a bit worried for me was happy that it was over!


Mari said...

Yay for you! I'm impressed!

Francesca said...

wow Kari, well done! that water looks so cold!!!

Kari said...

Hi Francesca, the water was cold! I don't think I'd do it again.

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