Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fave Five - out and about…

it’s Friday and I’m thankful!

Thankful that …….

1. the after school swimming program started this week and I managed to convince all my kids join in.  Even Renee who has resisted for a long time.


2.  I discovered a few more stores in Atyrau, Kazakhstan.  Shopping here is totally different to shopping in Thailand.  Here I go because I have too, not because I want too!!! (maybe I’ll share more in another post!!)

3.  I finally went out to lunch with the empty nesters in our community.  sometimes it’s difficult to cross over and I find myself just sticking  with the ‘other moms’ of young children.  I had a lovely time and I think I’ll do it again.

4.  getting back to bible study.  I always look forward to getting back into this routine.  We’re studying “Red Letter Prayers”, facilitated by Andy Stanley.  it was an eye opener!!

5.  I remembered to take my camera out with me and I managed to take some photo’s while I was out and about.

here’s a few of them below….





For more Fave five’s start with Susanne.

Happy Friday!

***** BTW just wanted to say that those of you who use wordpress, I’m sorry but I can’t view your blogs.  For some reason wordpress blogs are blocked in my corner to the world.  Sorry I can’t come visit you.  I’m sure I’m missing out.


Mari said...

I like your shopping pictures. I think you'll need to share more on that.
I've heard that Bible study is good one.

Jerralea said...

Good to see you post, Kari. It's been awhile.

You're the second person today that told me they were getting back into a bible study!

Glad you mingled with another group instead of always staying with the young moms. We need all types of people in our lives!

Gattina said...

Learning to swim is very important ! Nice pictures !

Susanne said...

Yay for swim lessons. It's the one sport I made sure my kids did.

Love your pictures of your life there. So interesting.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Great that you got your kids swimming. So good for them to learn. Loved your pictures -- so interesting! I love reading about life over there...glad I'm on Blogger so you can see me! Have a great week.

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