Monday, January 16, 2012

Remembering MLK



some years ago we had the opportunity to go to Memphis, USA for a Tumbling and Trampoline competition that Renee had qualified for.  I'll be honest with you the thought of going to Memphis didn't excite me much.  But once I got there, and walked Beale street, ate some good food and danced to the jazz music on the street, it was great.  And between Renee's sessions and exploring the city I'm thankful that I made it there.

Of course it was exciting to go to Graceland but what was so great was being able to go to the National Civil Rights Museum with my family and learn more about Martin Luther King Jnr.  If I remember correctly the hotel is the Museum.  Anyway Renee who was 6 at that time asked many questions and couldn't understand much of what she was seeing. 

Today I'm thinking about what I saw and the questions Renee asked.

Today I'm reminded to always include, to not judge, to respect and above all to dream!

2007 Memphis, DC pictures 232

Happy Monday!

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