Tuesday, November 8, 2011

these past eight days……..

  • had a small get together to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday.
  • had a couple of meetings for Renee’s planned school trip to somewhere in Europe.
  • found out that Renee’s teachers are retiring at the end of this school year (which makes me sad, cause they have been instrumental in helping her settle down so fast)
  • had 2 bomb blasts in the city (close to the building where my husband works) and so we have been on edge lately.
  • been in contact with my friends in Thailand who have experienced flooding in their own homes, which is just terrible to hear. But at least they are safe.
  • Tanysha’s eczema has flared up again, and with the cold weather, not so good.
  • and lastly we had some snow.  My kids were super excited, and there is more on the way.



Mari said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! The bombs are quite scary. Glad you are ok!

Francesca said...

these are really uneasy times everywhere.

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