Tuesday, November 22, 2011

it could’ve been worse…..

2 weeks ago, a day after her birthday actually Renee came home in tears and in pain.  She told me she was playing – jumping over hedges to be exact and she tripped.  landed on the ground and heard a pop!!

IMG-20111111-00094 It popped alright!  a clean break is what we were told – a good break if there is ever a choice, this is the kind of break you want.  the bones were not displaced so I guess with a little bit of help the broken body should heal itself. 

It’s been 2 weeks now and she’s doing ok.  She’s able to move her  arm which is great, but I guess it’s having to function with one arm that is the challenge. It could’ve been worse – it could have been her right arm.  It could’ve been displaced and there could’ve been so many other issues so we’re thankful!

Continuing my week of thanksgiving…..

# 41 – 50

41.  the dark blue sky in the morning with the bright new white moon.

42.  having exercise buddies who motivate me and make me accountable

43.  accepting Grace …….again

44.  making progress in my Russian – I’m able to watch some Russian tv now and kind of have an idea of what’s happening.(doesn’t seem so foreign anymore)

45.  after 4 months in this place I’m ok with the change. (of course there are days, cold days when I miss warm/hot Bangkok!)

46.  home made cookies.  just something about eating homemade goodies in this cold weather.

47.  a clean house

48.  having all of Joshua’s friends at the house for a play-date.

49.  watching and hearing Joshua want to help and take care of Renee because of her broken arm.

50.  playing a game of indoor hockey – it was so much fun but I was so tired after it!!

I hope you’re Tuesday was lovely.

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Mari said...

Poor Renee! Our Laura broke hers in the same area when she was 9. She fell roller skating. Glad Renee is doing better!

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