Monday, January 6, 2014

you do what you have to do…..

so this was not the way I planned to start the week but what do you do when you have sick child.

you drop everything around you and attend to them.

We had a sleepless night, sponging down JJ who had a really high fever.  He woke up with his fever so I kept him home. Right now he’s feeling a little better. The fever’s gone down and he’s getting his appetite back.  which is always a good sign…..right.

we spent a good day together.  I got to hold my baby, read to him and watch a couple of movies.  which is always a good thing. 

I’m hoping that tomorrow he’ll be much better.

photo (19)

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Mari said...

There's a lot of sickness going on around us too. My granddaughter has been sick with a cold and high fever. Hope he's been quickly!

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