Thursday, January 16, 2014

I hope….

you are having a good week!

We are …..well of course we had ups and downs.  Tanysha is going through something’s at school and I’m not really too sure what they are.  I’m hoping she snaps out of it soon, but then I remember that I go through those mood swings too.  She’s allowed!

But overall it great.  the kids are happy to be back at school and really do love it. I’m so thankful that it’s that way.

My husbands away in London but Renee is still here with us, so I’m happy.

Still no snow but it’s been cold.  We’re expecting it to get colder next week.  And I hope there is some snow along with the cold.  It just makes it prettier.

Thought I’d share a couple of photos re: winter here.  Our first winter here the snow was endless.(well it felt like it anyway).  Our second year, there was snow (thankfully) but not that much.  Our 3rd winter here – well it’s been pathetic. Really, this island girl wants some snow. It’s cold but no snow.  And that makes me sad.

But I’ll take whatever.  It really is all good.




Happy Thursday.

1 comment:

Mari said...

I think all your snow is over here. You're welcome to come and get it!
Hope next week is better for Tanysha.

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