Sunday, January 6, 2013

ready, set, go….


the holidays are over and the second half of the school year starts tomorrow.

the kids are in bed, trying to get to sleep.  their finding it difficult after the holidays, but I know that’s where they need to be. 

I’m sitting here, enjoying the quiet and know that things are going to get busy for me too.

Busy with the school, busy with the community and just busy with life! 

It’s all good.

Well it’s 6 days into the new year and it just feels like another year.  But it’s not. 

there are changes coming. 

I’m not looking forward to them but I know my daughter is.  She’s anxious but excited all at the same time. 

Time will be precious.

have a happy week friends.


Francesca said...

hope the changes turn out to be good for all of you!

:) said...

Yes, it will be precious :)
Have a nice week.

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