Thursday, October 4, 2012

we found a pumpkin patch…..




and more!






yesterday Joshua and his class were invited to the garden of our head gardener from our community village.  She had some pumpkins she wanted to show the kids and obviously so much more.  Her garden was beautiful and impressive.

And it was all organic.  Although the kids weren’t too impressed with the big pile of ‘poop’!

She even had some fish being dried out the front.  The kids  and adults hadn’t seen anything like it.




It was a wonderful field trip.


Happy Thursday!


la ninja said...

piles of poo and dead fish... I bet they loved it! :)
how's the weather there? dry again here, which helps matters a lot.

Francesca said...

haha, la ninja has a wonderful sense of humor. :)

Kari said...

it's getting cold (I hear) - not at home right now...but i hear it's getting cold!

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