Monday, October 1, 2012

I’ve just been going and going….

and I’m still going!  wow, October is here already!  what happened to September?  But I’m not complaining.  That means only a couple more days till we head to California!!

Here are some pictures of last week.  I was busy but had time for a tour of the city.





















I really enjoyed the tour of the city.  we weren’t able to get to the Mosque since our tour was the same day as prayer day.  Maybe another time.

Also the kids had a concert last week.  They sang in kazakh, danced some Kazakh dances and played the local instrument.  It was awesome!


Mari said...

Thanks for sharing your city. I enjoyed the pictures!

Francesca said...

I love these photos, Kari - they give a real sense of the place, and some of the contrasts there. I have to say that I've never before seen war machinery used in place of monuments and statues, strikes me as a little strange. What are the textiles like where you live? I bet there are gorgeous traditional ones! Have fun in CA, ciao!

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