Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2012 Atyrau

After the first 5 months in Atyrau it became very clear to me that this assignment was definitely not like the other.

West of Kazakhstan, where we were is not like the capital or many of the other cities in Kazakshtan.  Even the locals don’t speak very highly of their city.

In comparison to Thailand, tourism is not very big for them.  It does not generate money in their city or the country for that matter.  It’s the oil, I think they call it Black gold.

And really that’s why we were there.  For work.  yes for my husbands job, not as tourists, even on the weekends there was not very much to go see.  Yes we went to the camel farm and a place called Saraichik where we visited.  I do have myself to blame, we (or I ) rather didn’t actively seek out places to visit.  my regret.

Anyway here are more photo’s of my 2nd year in Atyrau.  And of course you’ll notice, it’s more photos of our life their.  Not too many local pictures of the place.


a local coffee shop – and probably one of my favorites.


the blue mosque across the road from our camp.

IMG_0030bridging ceremony for Tanysha – Girl Scouts

IMG_0088Renee’s middle school play – Shakespeare in the Park.  “Romeo and Juliet”



new friends


International Day @ school – so happy to have pushed for this to happen at school.


a picnic the Kazakh way.

IMG_0013 (3)IMG_0013IMG_0014 (3)IMG_0026IMG_0039IMG_0042IMG_0066IMG_0067IMG_0082IMG_0085IMG_0111IMG_1082

and a whole lot of other random pictures.


:) said...

Fortune and beauty are also in people not only in monuments. You prove it.

jgy said...

Your`re amazing, you create and find beauty everywhere you go, and looks like you are finding lots to do after all! So much creativity love and life and the feeling of togetherness (my sense is you bringing people and experiences together!) radiates thru your words and images.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

and still, and yet, i am very fascinated by the thought, the mere thought of living in a totally unknown place because of work. and next to your hubby, you made all that happen, kari. how good of you to insist on international attitude at the school of your children, and i also love your last mix of images, showing us an insight in your days in atyrau. quite the odysee, he? how long will you be staying for, or maybe you don't know? n♥

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