Monday, June 9, 2014

2011 in Atyrau, Kazakhstan

kazakh children

every time we move, it’s different.

And with each move we have faced different challenges.  In fact each one has come with it’s own unique issues!! 

In all honesty when we started thinking about moving on from Bangkok, Thailand – Kazakhstan was not even in the picture.  In fact we had our minds set on South America.  We were ready Maracaibo.  But of course things change and you go with the flow.

So when we were finally told that Kazakhstan would be our next location – we thought, that’s cool!

I guess it really would not have mattered either way, cause we were ready.

Looking back,  I think that’s probably the reason why I have enjoyed this assignment/location and that things have really been great.  We came ready.  Either way, we were going to enjoy this stop.

And we have!!

Here are some photo’s of our first few months in Atyrau, KZ.  Actually it was the last 5 months of 2011.


Kazakhstan bound!


Our house, DV153 – all the houses are the same.


new friends


getting used to the local currency


evening view of the Ural – from inside our community camp.  Dostyk Village


local restaurant.


local fisherman


streets of Atyrau.  Russian Orthodox Church in the background.


DAIS – the school getting ready for 1st day of school


first day of school for Renee and Tanysha (Josh just wanted to be in the picture!!)


air shipment arrived


Saturday sports – a parent led activity for the children on the weekend.


our first snow ever!!


and I had one happy boy!!


and girls!


And we had a white Christmas that year and it was gorgeous!!

What can I say – our first 5 months in Atyrau were beautiful. 

We went with the flow…..we opened our hearts and were ready for anything.


Mari said...

You have a great attitude and it makes a difference with these moves!

:) said...

Heart and mind opened... It's so beautiful!!!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

i can almost not imagine what it must feel like to experience that very first snow as an adult. i mean, you hear about it, you see it in movies (i guess), and then, right there... before your eyes... it happens. magical, he?
more snow this winter, kari? ;))) n♥

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