Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A week ago…

28 adults and 36 children loaded up onto 3 buses and headed out to a farm, a Camel Farm.

I have said that this year I wanted to go out there, and experience this place.  So when the email came out that this trip was being planned, I told my kids - we’re going!



The family farms camel milk.  Now I’ve been to a couple of farms and they’ve always been the large ones where most manual labor is complimented with machinery.  At this farm no such thing.  And with the amount of camels they had it looked like a nice size farm.

I saw these people work.  Manual hard work.  I saw young boys walk/run out to the camels and bring them in close.  Close enough for the woman to hold their buckets up and support it with their thighs, and then milk them individually.  They didn’t fill their buckets to the top. not because the camel wasn’t able too but only because the bucket would be to heavy for them to hold up comfortably.

_MG_0953   _MG_0964 _MG_0955


It was hot out here.  Dusty and hot but I watched them work. work because this is their way of life.  Their livelihood.

But they were also happy.  happy to show us their farm, their camels and the way they live.  Happy that these curious expats wanted to go out their and see how they live. 

Here are some more photos…….

_MG_0951 _MG_0960 _MG_0970

This photo is the entrance to the area they dug out and use it  like a fridge.  they store their milk and meat. _MG_0972_MG_0971Here is a frame of a yurt.  I think they were in the process of assembling it together.  _MG_0975 _MG_0979

And yes, their outside potty, which when you have to go – you have to go.

_MG_0983And the kids who live on the farm.

It was an interesting trip. 

We contributed money as a group to show our appreciation to them but I think we  - 28 kids and 36 adults walked away with an appreciation of their culture, their way of life.

I know I did and that’s hard to put a monetary value on that.


Ballerina Girl said...

Hi! Great photos. I always seem to be out of town for this trip. I'd like to go as well...maybe we can organize one through the school?!

Hope allis well!

Kari said...

Hey BG,
I think I was lucky to be around this time for the trip. I think that would be wonderful if the school organized a trip for the school kids - especially for their Kazakh class or maybe even Russian. All is well here (I guess!!) take care and see you soon.

Jewel said...

Looks fascinating!!!

Mari said...

What a great trip! I think you're right about what you gained from it.

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