Thursday, August 30, 2012

A week of colors: green - зеленый

continuing Francesca’s week of colors.

Growing up, my mummy always told me to eat my greens and I wouldn’t. Today I can’t get enough of green food. (and because I know better now…)

As a mother today I try to get my kids to eat their greens and they don’t…..hmmm.

I hope as they grow up they’ll learn to love them like I do now.



my salad.  just add the meat and the spicy thai dressing.

For more greens, start with Francesca.


jane said...

yum! mind giving me the recipe for your spicy thai recipe when you get a chance? thanks!
x jane

Susanna Redeker said...

certainly a green and a healthy post!

Francesca said...

We have obligatory greens at our dinner table :)

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