Wednesday, April 30, 2014

(another) late corner view

Well as you may have guessed I’m not in Kazakhstan right now so I was able to check out Fuoriborgo and jump into this weeks Corner view.

The theme for this week is small things…

well with a boy in the house there are many small things and I know right now he’s missing his toys., (because he’s travelling with me).  He is especially missing his legos which are so small.  Some are too small for my liking, but Josh’s little fingers are just perfect for these small things.

photo (79)

photo (78)

For more views around the world of ‘small things’ head on over to Francesca’s blog.


Anonymous said...

so nice to hear from you. Lego was my favorite toy as a child and at that you could only the small ones :)

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

hee hee.. that last image is so fetching. i can imagine your son prying open the lego box... ! n♥

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