Friday, September 13, 2013

corner view - lunch

**  Corner View is a weekly appointment created by Jane but hosted by Francesca.  It’s where bloggers from all corners of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme.

I’m late for the view this week, but here it is.

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Well it’s been 2 years since we came to Dostyk village, in Atyrau and everyday of the week they come home for lunch. – both my kids and husband leave their school, and the workplace and come home to eat with me.

It takes planning on my part to make sure I have something ready for them but also to make sure I am home for lunch.  Everything is planned around lunch.  I think you could say this is our meal together at the table. 

Which makes dinner time  pretty casual cause everyone has something going on.

Of course there are days I wish they didn’t come home for lunch but I know I may not get this type of deal anywhere else. 

So for now, I just enjoy it.

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babies said...

usually the five of us are together only for breakfast which makes planning much easier. but i do like it when we are all home for the dinner. it never happens with lunch, though.

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