Monday, March 19, 2012

I’m so ready……

I’ve gone through the fridge, cleaned it out and given away food that might go bad while we’re away. All the laundry is done and my house is clean.  I’m ready.  We’re ready!

We’re out of here tomorrow and are heading to Turkey,  and I can’t wait.  Renee left last Friday with her classmates for Space Camp and she’s having so much fun.  Thankfully she’s kept in touch with us these last couple of days and so it’s been easy on me.  Unlike last year when she made her trip, and she never left Thailand! (I posted about it here).   

What a difference a year makes.

Well like I said I’m ready to get out of Kazakhstan for a little.  The cold, snowy overcast days are beginning to get me down and I’m in desperate need of some sunshine.  I’m thinking Turkey will be cold but it can’t be as cold as here.  I know Abu Dhabi won’t be and Australia will be lovely, as always!

Here’s some photo’s of the snow we’ve had here.  I hope it’s all gone by the time we come back!






Happy Week wherever you are!


Mari said...

I would be ready for a change too. We are having such unusual weather here - much warmer than our usual March weather. Have fun in Turkey!

Francesca said...

Sounds like you're going on an extended trip! You know I totally understand how cold and wintry weather affects the mood - have fun in warmer climates and happy travels!

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